H5 Development Engineer(Malaysia)

Cubee Technology

Job description

Position statement:

1、In charge of front-end development for PC and Wap.
2、Complete module functions efficiently and timely by cooperating with product designer and developer.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, computer science or related major, minimum 2-year related experience.
2、Proficient in JS, have a deep understanding for closure, event and asynchronization. Familiar with writing native code for JS. Proficient in various kinds of debugging tool. Familiar with performance optimization and plug-in development for JS.
3、Familiar with using nodejs and rendering server and have demonstrated project management skills.
4、Familiar with using react, vue, angular and have demonstrated project management skills.
5、Familiar with development mode of mvc, mvvm and modularization development.
6、Familiar with script configuration of gulp and webpack.
7、Familiar with using code management tool of svn and git.
8、Familiar with using html, css, css3, proficient in css layout and browser compatibility.
9、Familiar with hybrid development of H5, show a unique opinion for the front-end separation.
10、Familiar with environment division for front end (pm2, nginx, nodejs).
11、Good study ability and communication, coding precisely and keep improving.
12、Assign to the R&D team of Malaysia branch. But including accommodation and well-paying.