Senior Test Engineer(Malaysia)

Cubee Technology

Job description

Position statement:

1、In charge of setting up the automated frame and optimizing automated scripts and related matters for continuous integration testing.
2、In charge of management and optimizing for test tool.
3、Set up and implement the whole link performance test scheme, to analyze performance bottleneck and to output report for performance test at our request.
4、Bring in new testing method or process and optimizing it according to the system architecture.
5、To analyze proactively founded problem under testing and to have a solution.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, computer science or related major, minimum 5-year test experience.
2、Proficient in basic knowledge of testing theory. Familiar with testing process. Have a comprehension for system architecture.
3、Proficient in process management of performance test (stage standard/specification) and implement testing ( design/scene/analysis) and implement framework.
4、Familiar with using Jemeter/loadrunner. The whole performance tests combine with Jenkins/ant are carried out that is preferred.
5、Have a rich experience for automated testing. Proficient in Selenium, Appium for Web and mobile terminal. Proficient in writing and generalizing for automated scripts.
6、To be oriented by customer demands for having a strong quality and sense of duty. Comply with testing process and specifications strictly.
7、Have a great interest and rich experience for software testing. Have a strong analysis and location problem. Good communication and promotion.
8、Proficient in operation of a large database for Oracle and MySQL, familiar with operating logic of Jenkins.
9、Familiar with php/python. Able to write script.
10、Assign to the R&D team of Malaysia branch. But including accommodation and well-paying.