PHP Development Engineer(Malaysia)

Cubee Technology

Job description

Position statement:

1、In charge of programming for front and background of website, app system and their derivatives.
2、Participate in requirement review for projects and make documents of product design.
3、Refactoring and optimization for existing code, technical research for new products.
4、Coding of the main business logic for software system.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, computer science or related major.
2、Minimum 2-year PHP experience and rich experience in large-scale websites or mobile Internet projects is a preferred.
3、Familiar with ThinkPHP and systematic architecture design for server. Master object-oriented programming and common design patterns.
4、Familiar with Linux system, MySQL database, MongoDB and memcache or redis.
5、Good anti-pressure ability and execution. Good communication and team spirit.
6、Assign to the R&D team of Malaysia branch. But including accommodation and well-paying.