CMC Provides Series B Financing for Cubee Technology, Sports Industry Enters the Era of Big Data

August 19,2016

SHANGHAI, Aug. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 2nd, China's biggest sports data service, the internet company Cubee Technology, held a press conference in Shanghai. Cubee used this occasion to announce the receipt of Series B investment from CMC Holdings, the top strategic investment firm led by Li Ruigang. CMC have previously invested in the fields of online media, entertainment, and sports, and so Cubee is a good fit for them.


President of CMC Xu Zhihao (left), Cubee Technology founder & CEO Chen Hao (right)

During the conference, Cubee Technology spelled out their sports data "multiple application" strategy, and also provided further details on their recent sports data application and products development.

Cubee Technology, established in 2012, is currently the biggest company of its kind in China. Their services include data consulting, professional sports analysis -- especially soccer match analysis, and sports lottery analysis through their popular online APPs. Cubee reaches 33,000,000 users from across all six continents and it has a broad client based including dozens of household names, most notably AliBaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Ssports, NIKE, Le TV, PPTV sports.

This event brought together many distinguished guests, including Xu Zhihao, President of CMC, Zhao Jun, Managing Director of Ti'ao Dongli, Ma Kai, Vice President of IT of Whaley Technology, Wei Jianglei, Senior Vice President of Sina, Yu Lingxiao, Managing Director and Vice President of Ssports, Feng Tao, CEO of Shankai Sports. It also included more than 20 leading icons in the field of investment and sports industry in China. Cubee's partners also attended the conference, and were there to witness the groundbreaking moment and looking forward to the new opportunities this latest investment will bring.

Li Ruigang, president of CMC said: "Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, will become the cornerstones of the technical gene of sports data, which is itself one of the core drivers of business development. In the sports industry, data is the core element, functioning as the 'connector' of the whole business. Cubee Technology, as China's leading sports data service, has accumulated powerful technologies and has already conducted deep research and exploration in this business. I see Cubee as having the potential to become the 'data connector' in this rapidly growing sports industry.

"CMC has made a strategic plan for the whole sports industry in recent years. CMC attaches great importance to online enterprise, and we have paid a lot of attention to the developments of technology in the online sports industry. We hope our co-operation with Cubee Technology will 'connect' CMC with the sports industry and further accelerate this industry's progress in the internet age. "

Since 2015, CMC has helped the burgeoning growth of the sports data industry. CMC have used their financing to assist in match copyright development, content production, media operation, match and activities management, stadium management, athlete agency, sports marketing, and data services -- an impressive repertoire which covers the whole of the industry chain. It is therefore no exaggeration to call CMC one of the leaders in its field.

For CMC, Cubee is the final piece in the puzzle. Their portfolio covers all areas of the sports industry and integrates the platform, service and technology.

Cubee will also collaborate with Ti'ao Dongli, City Football Group (who own Manchester City), and SECA, as well as other partners under the umbrella of CMC. This increased level of co-operation between various levels and sectors in the sports data industry will be beneficial for all parties.

Chen Hao, founder and CEO of Cubee Technology, described CMC as the top investor in the sports industry and was excited about receiving their support as his company develops. He outlined his vision of a "multiple application" strategy for Cubee -- developing new applications and products, as well as continuing rapid growth in their sports data operations. He hopes to bring the company's unique skills in quantitative data analysis and sports entertainment to both the domestic and international markets.

He added: "The data sports "multiple application" put forward by Cubee, mainly emphasizes that sports big data cannot just stop at the 1.0 stage, which is merely calculating data and displaying it. We need to explore the value of "application" so that the data sports can realize its full potential through productization and commercialization, and by providing innovative value-adding services."

Finally, Cubee used this conference to introduce their flagship new product CubeGoal. CubeGoal is a described as a "pre-match decision-making platform" -- it assists its users in predicting the outcome of football matches. It is a sophisticated piece of technology based on an innovative artificial intelligence simulation system.

CubeGoal includes the newly-created game Fantasy Football Manager, which is described as the world's first real-time football tactics game. What makes Fantasy Football Manager unique is its connection to real, live football matches. It is a strategy game which takes place in real time.

The world's first sports data cloud service, CubeeCloud, was also announced.

The priorities for Cubee Technology in its data and entertainment coverage are still the Premier League, Chinese Super League, and Chinese National Team. Key for them is the acquisition of new copyright sources to help their sports data development. They see data analysis and sports entertainment as the two pillars of their company and will aim to improve in both areas in the coming months and years.

Chen Hao, founder & CEO of Cubee Technology, Feng Tao, CEO of Shankai Sports, Zhaojun, Managing Director of Ti'ao Dongli, Wei Jianglei, Senior Vice President of Sina, Yu Lingxiao, Managing Director and Vice President of Ssports, Ma Kai, Vice President of IT of Whaley Technology, Jiang Haotian, Managing Director of Northern Lights Ventures, Jiang Enning, Senior Account Manager of China of Mathworks, Lu Ying, Chinese partner of Deloitte, Wang Tao, General Manager of China of Amisco & ProZone, these leaders in their field together present the first show of data sports "multiple application" strategy. Furthermore, Cubee Technology together with their partners Ti'ao Dongli, Whaley Technology, Sina Sports, Ssports, Shankai Sports, Deloitte China, Amisco China, Mathworks China, Northern Lights Ventures, and Ping'an Ventures as well as many other Chinese sports data companies and investment institutions, launches the "Chinese data sports alliance". The aim of this alliance is to integrate the resources of its members and construct the value-adding service and create new standards for business in the sports data field.