Cubee Technology: Football plus AIball makes everyone an expert

July 12,2018

SHANGHAI, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial intelligence can now be used to predict the match outcome for users. Thanks to Cubee Technology, users no longer have to rely on Pele or Octopus Paul. Cubee has a 6-year history in the sports industry and their exciting new product "AIBall" is a second screen accompaniment to the action on TV.

Cubee's "Global Intelligence Network", an international team of leading football journalists, are again out in force during this year's World Cup. Bringing Chinese football fans the latest news and information are Lothar Matthaus, former captain of the German national team and FIFA Player of the Year; world-leading press agency AFP (Agence France-Presse) who work in 165 countries and have been providing on-site coverage from Russia; UEFA journalists Artur Petrosyan and Elvir Islamovic; ESPN special correspondent Gabriele Marcotti; and Chinese football expert Ke Han. This talented team has provided exclusive content for Cubee in text and video format, and as it turns out they have also accurately predicted the outcome of the majority of the games so far.

In August 2017, Cubee officially launched AIBall, the world's first artificial intelligence football voice chat robot. AIBall provides fans with massive volumes of data including news, information and statistics about the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and China Super League. AIBall has launched its latest updated version in time for the World Cup. Most of the existing chat robots in the market mainly use deep learning as the core technology, but AIBall has gone a step further by constructing the world's first football knowledge map. It can not only interact with users using natural language, but can also automatically collect, clean, and organize football information from all over the world. AIBall is more like a companion which answers users' questions rather than a simple search engine.

AIBall provides real-time text commentary on matches and also helps football fans to learn at the same time. Football fans can get first-hand news and match highlights on the homepage of the AIBall app. In addition, AIBall can match the content of other keywords according to the degree of relevance according to the match result. For example, Brazil played Switzerland on June 18, with the game finishing 1-1. AIBall's main page automatically updated to provide new content to help new football fans quickly learn about the most relevant players, coaches and teams. AIBall can interact with football fans while they watch the match, learning habits and preferences, and gradually become a personal assistant who is unique and provides the most relevant information.

The global football information website will be launched soon. Users will be able to immediately receive news curated according to AIBall's artificial intelligence - in both English and Chinese, wherever users are located. The English version of AI Ball is also on its way. There is still much more to look forward to!

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