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Fantasy FootballFantasy Football
Real-time Control

1Real-time Control

In Fantasy Football Manager, you are on the sidelines commanding the team just like a coach. You adjust your tactics to match the situation and the closer your tactics match the reality of the match, the higher your score becomes, allowing you to demonstrate your tactical prowess.

2Match Simulation

Before each match you can attend the press conference and field questions from journalists as well as comment on the opposition. You can select your MVP and encourage your players who have not been in great form. Failure is history, and the most important match is always the next one.

Match Simulation
Big Data Report

3Big Data Report

The pre-match report of each team's recent games is provided, with analysis of both teams' strengths and abilities, helping you decide on tactics. A post-match report with each player's performance is also released, allowing you to relive the match through data. Users can also share and comment on this report.