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1Global Football Intelligence Network

The CubeGoal intelligence network provides our users with international and domestic football analysis sourced from journalists, media outlets, football experts and former players. Our media partners include AFP, France Football, The Times, The Guardian,, BBC, ESPN, The New York Times, Sky Sports and dozens more media companies; we also work with football stars and experts such as Lothar Matthaus, CubeGoal chief of intelligence and FIFA World Player of the Year, Samkou (former Crystal Palace Football Club coach), Gabriele Marcotti (ESPN presenter and leading journalist at The Times), Philippe AuClair (The Guardian) and many more.

2Expert Platform

Our experts use our unique Cubee text-mining system and big data engine to provide pre-match decision-making information. Their ideas are presented on our Expert Platform, where users can interact with experts and share real-time advice. A small fee is charged for users to join discussion groups on the Expert Platform.

3Tips Market

Cubee has the world's most active pre-match advice-trading platform, covering more than 200 competitions, and featuring tips from football experts in more than 40 countries. The number of monthly transactions on our trading platform exceeds 10,000,000.

4Big Data Engine

We provide data analysis of more than 450 football competitions across the world. Over 20,000,000 individual pieces of data are collated from the match and the players. Our unique DeepCube AI algorithm combines these match fundamentals with inputs concerning tactical data and the latest match information, and is able to make accurate predictions about each game.

5Visual Analysis

Our analysis system takes into account a wide range of variables from the stadium to the referee profile to the latest team news and betting trends. Through this, each team's chances of winning are derived and presented on our app directly and attractively.


1Massive Amounts of Data

CubeGoal website covers 100% of matches from the Chinese sports lottery, providing match information for more than 60,000 games per year. We monitor the latest news from over 2,000 media outlets and provide detailed data from more than 450 competitions, reaching thousands of football teams from more than 130 countries.


2Tips Market

CubeGoal users can also provide their own opinions of each game in our tips market platform, where highly-recommended users can charge a fee for their betting advice. We provide a safe and comfortable advice-sharing platform, and allow users to profit from their expertise.

3Intelligence Network

CubeGoal's football intelligence platform, with its data analysis and detailed pre-match information, is also a popular and interactive area for users to communicate.


TV Show

1Pre-match Information

"CubeGoal" is also the name of our TV show broadcasting live matches and pre-match predictions. The show is created in partnership with Ssports, the rights-holder of the English Premier League in China. Our show features analysis and recommendations for the football lottery and is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday on the ultra-clear new vision Premier League channel, as well as Huanhuba, PPTV Sports, Tencent Lottery, Sina Lottery, Sohu Lottery and Youku Sports. On-demand video is also available.


2Deep Analysis

CubeGoal provides advanced knowledge and insight from our DeepCube big data analysis. By making this highly sophisticated knowledge available to our users, we allow for interaction between serious football fans who can communicate on a much deeper level.