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Sports Data Service / Sports Business Decision Making / Indepth Learning and Natural Language Processing

Sports Data Service

Utlilizing our DeepCube AI Algorithm, we assist coaching staff at football clubs, offering professional advice on training performance, match analysis, and player selection.

Cooperation Mode:Fully client-tailored solutions

Sports Business Decision Making

We can also provide business evaluation by using our big data, AI, and media-scanning technologies to measure the impact or attention a brand is receiving in the sports market. This allows us to offer useful business advice to clients trying to market to this key demographic.

Cooperation Mode:Fully client-tailored solutions

Indepth Learning and Natural Language Processing

Our natural language processing technology allows us to scan millions of words from news articles. We use this to provide "sentiment analysis" of how teams are perceived by the media and the general public. Through machine learning, our capabilities in this field are constantly expanding. Insights gleaned from our sentiment analysis are unique to us and form a key component of our match prediction strategy.

Cooperation Mode:Fully client-tailored solutions